Thief Simulator 2 How To Earn Money Fast

Thief Simulator 2

In Thief Simulator 2, there are a plethora of things to loot from different houses, resorts, and warehouses. Most of these items can be sold at a pawn shop for some money. In the pawn shop, you can find everyday hot items that sell for 3x of the price. Selling these items will get you money quickly that can be used to buy tips and other items that will help you loot houses easier. Below you will find a few ways to earn money quickly in this game.

Thief Simulator 2 How To Earn Money Fast

The best way to earn money and experience quickly is by selling items on Blackbay. Blackbay is a website inside the game, that you can access from the computer in your hideout. On the website, there will be various items listed and if you loot them from any house, you can send them via blackbay and earn substantial money and experience.

But sometimes, you need to obtain two to three different items before you can sell them via Blackbay. The good thing is that your hideout has a locker that has the capacity to store 999 Kg of items. You can find the locker on the right side just as you enter the hideout from the main door. Whenever you loot an item that can be sold in Blackbay, you can check for a green box icon beside the item in your inventory. This icon means that people are looking for the particular item in the Blackbay. You can store these items inside your hideout locker to empty your backpack as it has limited space inventory.

You can also loot high-value items from different houses, warehouses, and police stations. Large items that can’t be stored in the backpack will get you some good money. Once you have unlocked the warehouse, you can steal a forklift to get 20k+ worth of money. You can check out our previous guide on how to steal a forklift from warehouse 401.

The items that you steal from the different houses are restocked in 3-5 ingame days. The low-value items will be restocked quickly while the high-value items will take some time. So you won’t be able to steal from the same house multiple times.

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