Thief Simulator 2 Get Forklift In Warehouse 401 & Find The Key

Thief Simulator 2

In Thief Simulator 2, at the later phase of the game, you will be able to access two new locations which are the Forestside Resort and Warehouse 401. The warehouse is located on the outskirts of Madison Street and is protected by 4 guards. In the warehouse, you will find a parked forklift that you need to steal to obtain 20k+ worth of money.

Before you visit warehouse 401, you need to have the required items and skills. These items and skills are garages, warehouse plan, stethoscope, and lockpicking level 3. Below you will find a brief guide on when to enter the warehouse, where to find the forklift key, and how to steal the forklift.

Thief Simulator 2 Where To Find Forklift Key

Visit the warehouse at 12:00 PM and from the entrance go towards the right side to find a ladder. Climb up the ladder and on the left side, you will find a lot of ceiling windows. Open the first window using a glass cutter, crouch, and jump down.

On the right you will find two doors, open the left side door and you will find the guard computer room. Break the computer using a crowbar to disable the camera. come out of the room turn right and keep going straight. Then on the right, you will find two crates on the floor, turn right from there to find the safe room with blue container walls.

Be careful while entering or exiting the safe room as behind you will find one of the guards patroling. Open the safe to find the forklift key. Make sure to close the door slowly to not make any sound and alter the guards.

Thief Simulator 2 How To Get Forklift In Warehouse 401

Once you get the key, go in front of the guards’ computer room door. From there you will find a straight path as shown in the image above. You need to wait till 14:00 as guards will change their shift and your path to the forklift will be clear. Then keep going straight on this path till the end to find the exit door on your right. Use lockpicking skills to open the exit door.

From the exit door, go right and then take another right to find the forklift. Get inside the forklift, turn it on using the key, and drive it off towards the left side. Then take another left and you will find the exit straight ahead of you. Get to the exit and you will complete the quest.

Note: There are other valuable items also located in the warehouse that you could loot for some extra money.

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