Paleo Pines parasaurolophus puzzle find lucky & talk to granny

Paleo Pines

In Paleo Pines, the parasaurolophus puzzle is quite a big puzzle and contains a lot of sub-quests in it. You won’t be able to finish the quest at once, rather keep doing a part of it while exploring other parts of the game. As you keep progressing in the game, the parts of these quests will unlock. One such sub-quest you will encounter will be to find Lucky and talk to Granny Agami at home in Dapplewood. Below you will find where to find Lucky and how to reach Granny Agami

Paleo Pines The Parasaurolophus Puzzle Find Lucky

Lucky will be located in the  Ariacotta Dunes on the far west side of the canyon. You can check out the image above for the exact location. You need to follow the Parasaurolophus tracks and at the end of the tracks, you will find a dino with whom you need to interact and play the friend call. You don’t have to tame it to complete the quest. Follow the tracks till the end to complete the quest.

Paleo Find Find & Talk To Granny Agami in Dapplewood

To reach Granny Agami, you need to first tame a Styracosaurus and make it a helper. Now place a saddle on Styracosaurus and ride on it till Veridian Valley. There you need to smash a few boulders using the Styracosaurus smash ability. Once the boulder is smashed you will be able to visit the Dapplewood and find Granny Agami strolling at her farm in the evenings or on weekends.

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