My Hero Ultra Rumble- How To Get Agency Points

My Hero Ultra RumbleMy Hero Ultra Rumble is an anime-themed battle royale game where a team of three participates against other teams to be the last man or team standing in order to win the matches. Each match will give you rewards depending on your performance but do you know that it can be enhanced? Here Agency points will come in handy.

How To Get Agency Points In My Hero Ultra Rumble

To use Agency Points, you will need to first join or create an Agency i.e. like a club system. To join or create an Agency, you will need to click on the Menu and go to the Agency Tab. After creating or joining you can see that your Agency Points are used to unlock perks and bonuses from the Agency tab where you have participated currently. So, the more active players are there in an Agency, the more progress will be achieved.

Donate the Agency Points in order to contribute to the progress of your Agency and share the benefits among all the Agency players. The Agency Points can be obtained via these processes:

  • Purchasable in Events Shop though it is limited.
  • Obtained from License Pass. Upgrade License Pass for free for more rewards.
  • Participating in special Battle Pass events will earn you Agency Points.

For more informative guides on My Hero Ultra Rumble, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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