Monster Hunter Now How To Get Gems, Zenny Fast & Promo Code

Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now is similar to Pokemon Go but instead of catching Pokemon, you will be fighting various types of monsters around the map. The place with parks and nature in the real world will have more monsters spawning compared to the location filled with buildings. There are two main currencies used in the game which are Zenny and Gems. Below you will find a brief guide on them and how to obtain them quickly.

Monster Hunter Now How To Get Gems

Currently, the only way to get gems is by purchasing it using real money. The game only gives around 500 gems when you progress the story and reach Hunter Rank 11. If you require more, you will have to spend at least 2$. As with most mobile games, you will get a one-time recharge bonus that’s already included with the first gems pack you purchase.

Apart from the gems pack, you will have an option to purchase a starter pack that will grant you 1000 gems. There is also one game release celebration pack that gives you a total of 2,000 gems. In this pack you will obtain 500 gems directly and the remaining 1500 gems by logging into the game for 50 gems each day for a total of 30 days.

Monster Hunter Now How To Get Zenny Fast

Zenny is the normal ingame currency that is used to upgrade your character equipment. There are various ways to earn Zenny such as defeating monsters, increasing your hunter rank, completing daily quests, and using referrals.

The monsters give you Zenny as a reward depending on their star level. A single-star-level monster will drop 10 Zenny as a reward. Daily quests are the best way to earn Zenny as you can get around 3000 Zenny per day by completing them.

Once you install the game, you will be able to use a friend referral code that will grant both players 300 Zenny, 3x Paintball, and 5x Potion when you reach Hunter Rank 6. You can also use a promo code “MHN5M” to obtain 5000 Zenny and 2x Paintball for reaching 5M downloads on the game. The code expires on 12 October, so make sure to use it before then. You can visit the redemption website HERE and log in to redeem the code.

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