Forza Motorsport 2023 Best Wheel Settings G29

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport 2023 is the 8th title from the popular Forza Motorsport series. You can play a racing game using a keyboard and controller but with a racing wheel, you will have a different experience. To get the best experience, you need to tweak your racing wheel setting. The wheel setting can vary according to the preferences of different players. Below you will find a setting that I prefer to use while playing this game. You can tweak the setting some more according to your driving style.

Forza Motorsport 2023 Best Wheel Settings G29

To get the best feel while driving a car in this game you need to tweak your setting a bit both inside the game as well as the wheel application. In the Logitech application, you make a few changes which are:

  • Sensitivity – 50
  • Operating Angle – 900
  • Center Spring Strength – 20 (If the rotation of the wheel seems tight, you can decrease the number, if the wheel rotation seems loose, you can increase the number)

Inside the game settings, you need to make changes in two different menus, the first one is driving assists and advanced wheel setting. Change the following settings in the driving assists menu.

  • Braking – ABS On
  • Throttle – Unassisted
  • Steering – Simulation
  • Traction Control – Sport
  • Stability Control – Sport
  • Shifting – If you have a shifter then “Manual with Clutch”, else “Manual”. Else if you want AI to shift gears for you, then “Automatic”.

Change the following settings in the Advanced Wheel Menu.

  • Steering Axis Deadzone Inside – 0
  • Steering Axis Deadzone Outside – 100
  • Acceleration Axis Deadzone Inside – 0
  • Acceleration Axis Deadzone Outside – 100
  • Deceleration Axis Deadzone Inside – 0
  • Deceleration Axis Deadzone Outside – 100
  • Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside – 0
  • Clutch Axis Deadzone Outside – 100
  • Handbrake Axis Deadzone Inside – 5
  • Handbrake Axis Deadzone Outside – 95
  • Vibration Scale – 100
  • Force Feedback Scale – 100
  • Steering Self Alignment – 90
  • Mechanical Trail Scale – 140
  • Pneumatic Trail Scale – 100
  • Road Feel Scale – 120
  • Load Sensitivity – 50
  • Wheel Damping Scale – 30 (If you feel more resistance while rotating the wheel, decrease the value, if you feel less you can increase it).
  • Center Spring Scale – 100 (If the wheel feels heavy while rotating, decrease the value, if it feels light while rotating, increase the value)
  • Dynamic Damper Behaviour – 25
  • Steering Sensitivity – 50
  • Steering Linearity – 50

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