Assassin Creed Mirage Find Excavation Site & The Missing Brother

Assassin Creed Mirage

In Assassin Creed Mirage, one of the main quests you will encounter will be to find an excavation site. You need to find a person named “Ahmad ibn Musa” and the clue to find him might be located in this excavation site. To locate the excavation site, you need to refer to the map that Hamid provided. Below you will find how to access the clue map to the dig site and find the treasure that contains the clue.

Assassin Creed Mirage How To Find Excavation Site

In the quest “Find the missing brother” you must locate an excavation site. As there will be no marker to point you towards the site, locating it might be a bit difficult. The location of the excavation site can be found in a clue.

You need to open the investigation menu and visit the “Ahmad ibn Musa” profile. There you will find excavation site details that you need to open. On the bottom left corner of the screen, you will find the excavation site map. This map will be pointing you towards the southwest of Baghdad. Check out the image above to find the clue. Once you reach the area, you must use Enkidu to locate the excavation site.

Assassin Creed Mirage Where To Find Excavation Site Clue

After reaching the excavation site, you need to find a digger and interact with him. On this site, you need to find a chest that contains the clue to locate “Ahmad ibn Musa“.  There will be some guards that you need to assassinate before you can find the clue. Just to the opposite side of the digger on the ground, you will find a moveable stack on the wall. Push the stack and behind it, you will find a treasure chest. Inside the chest, you will find a clue that will complete the current case.

Note: Check out the image above to find the exact location of the treasure chest.

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