Thief Simulator 2 Sell Large Items & Use Noisy Walkie Talkie

Thief Simulator 2

In Thief Simulator 2, sometimes you will loot some large items that won’t show up to sell at the pawn shop. Even if you take it back to the hideout, you won’t be able to store it or sell it there. Selling these items will grant you more XP and money. Below you will find where to sell these large items and how to use a noisy walkie-talkie.

Thief Simulator 2 How To Sell Large Items

In this game, there are a plethora of things to loot. You can visit any house on Madison Street and if you are silent enough and not get caught, you will find a lot of things to loot inside the house. Most of this loot goes into your backpack which has a limited capacity but few things such as TV, paints and some bigs items requires you to carry them on your hand.

You need to pick up these large items and stow them at the back of your pickup truck. Now you need to take these items inside the Crazy Joe Pawn shop and you will find wooden planks on the ground. Drop the large items on the wooden planks and interact with Crazy Joe to sell that particular item. You will also find today’s hot item to sell at the shop. Selling these hot items will grant you 3x the price and you will unlock an achievement “So Hot It burns”.

Thief Simulator 2 How To Use Noisy Walkie-Talkie

A noisy walkie-talkie is quite useful to distract other people for 45 minutes to 1 hour ingame time. You need to throw one on the ground and the person will go there to investigate it for some time. You can either buy the noisy walkie-talkie from your hideout computer or loot one from the police station.

Just outside the boss’s office where you find the SSD, there will be a small evidence room as shown in the image above. Check all the lockers inside the evidence room to find a noisy walkie-talkie.

Note: The evidence room will be beside the conference room where you find the police station exit key.

How To Exit Police Station

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