Assassin’s Creed Mirage- “A Challenge” Enigma Riddle Solution

Assassin Creed MirageAssassin’s Creed Mirage is an action-adventure game i.e. nonetheless thirteenth major installment of the Assassin’s Creed series. As Basim, you have an opportunity to explore the city of Baghdad in the 9th Century during the anarchy of Samarra. Apart from the mission, there are riddles in the form of Enigma notes that are hidden in various regions. In this guide, we have explained the initial location of the Enigma note i.e. “A Challenge” and the final location after deciphering it. Many of us have gone berserk solving these notes, so here’s the simple walkthrough for one of the many Enigmas.

“A Challenge” Enigma Riddle Solution For Assassin’s Creed Mirage

To obtain “A Challenge” Enigma, you will need to go to the Abbasiyah district as shown on the map, and look for a big singular tree in the middle of the courtyard. If you look at the branches, it has grown and reached to the side of a particular building. Use your Eagle Vision and climb the balcony of that building where you will find the Enigma note “A Challenge.

Assassin's Creed MirageSolution

Open the Inventory, and read the content that says:

Think yourself an intellect?
Then try to find my hoard.
Turn east from where the learned observe
The Ram, the Scales, the Gourd.
Seek out the isle where waters split
And once you’ve dared to ford
Its banks
You’ll find
That at my flanks
Wheels churn, therein is stored
What once stood proud
Now felled and cowed
That scriveners might record.
Look within
My walls and win
An intellect’s reward.

Assassin's Creed MirageAssassin's Creed MirageA Challenge EnigmaIf you reach the area as shown in the image i.e. West to Suburb of Kahtabah, there will be a waterwheel near the house. As shown in the image, you can aim throwing knives to shoot down the other window in order to open it. Once the window is opened, you can enter and collect the outfit dye i.e. Black Rostam.

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