Assassin Creed Mirage How To Get Four Markets Gear Chest

Assassin Creed Mirage

In Assassin Creed Mirage, each weapon has its own unique effects that will help you while exploring Baghdad. There are two different types of weapons you will be able to equip in this game which are swords and dagger. These weapons can be found inside treasure chests scattered across the city.

One such treasure chest you will come across in Four Markets that will contain “Zanji Uprising Dagger”. Equipping this dagger will grant you the second wind effect that refills your stamina bar by 10% each time you dodge enemy attacks successfully. Below you will find a brief guide on how to reach this treasure chest.

Assassin Creed Mirage How To Get Four Markets Gear Chest

To access the treasure chest located within the Four Markets, your first step is to secure a key. The house adjacent to the left side of the treasure chest will be locked and to obtain its key you need to visit the location shown in the image above. Without unlocking this door, reaching the treasure chest remains an impossible feat.

To obtain the crucial key, engage in some pickpocketing. Consult the image for guidance and head to the marked location. Utilize your eagle vision to spot an individual standing near a window on the first floor, clutching the key. Approach discreetly from behind, and deftly pickpocket the key from their possession.

With the key in your possession, proceed to the house where the treasure chest awaits. Gaze through the house’s window to identify a set of explosive red pots. Employ your throwing knife to create an opening in the floor by targeting these pots. Next, approach the neighbor’s house from the front entrance, employing the key to unlock the door. Once inside, locate some smaller red pots that you must transport to the rear of the house.

At the back of the house, identify a deteriorating wall, onto which you should hurl one of the smaller red pots. This action will breach the wall, granting access to the house containing the treasure chest. Your next task is to drag the stack beneath the hole created earlier in the floor by the explosion of the larger red pots. Ascend the stack, and through the hole, you’ll reach the treasure chest. Inside, you’ll discover the coveted “Zanji Uprising Dagger.”

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