Assassin Creed Mirage Bid On Hair Pin Or Not & How To Steal It

Assassin Creed Mirage

In Assassin Creed Mirage to gain an audience with the treasurer, you must acquire one of the exotic items. One such coveted item is the exotic hairpin, and there are two distinct paths to obtain it: participating in an auction or engaging in some clever pickpocketing.

But to acquire the exotic items, you need to find a merchant first. You will find this merchant in the bazaar by using your eagle eye. Interact with the merchant and he will invite you to show his items. There you need to interact with a table with a lot of hairpins and he will tell you about an auction going to take place tonight for an exotic hairpin. Below you will find should you bid on the hairpin or not and how to steal it.

Assassin Creed Mirage Bid On Hairpin Or Not

If you opt for the auction route, you’ll have the opportunity to bid on the exotic hairpin. However, be cautious not to bid and subsequently lose the auction hastily, as there is an alternative method to obtain this precious item after the auction concludes.

This alternative approach involves tracking down the fortunate merchant who successfully won the auction for the exotic hairpin and executing a swift pickpocketing maneuver to acquire it. Once the auction ends, look to your right side and use your eagle vision to find the merchant. Climb up the wall to reach him and pickpocket the merchant to obtain the exotic hairpin.

Should you choose to win the exotic hairpin through the auction, you’ll need to make strategic bids. Bid twice in the auction, with your initial bid being 150 Dirham and your second bid escalating to 500 Dirham. By employing this bidding strategy, you can secure the exotic hairpin without resorting to pickpocketing. The advantage of this method is that it allows you to directly visit the Baazar and meet the treasurer.

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