Paleo Pines Turn Dinosaurs Into Helpers

Paleo Pines

To transform dinosaurs into valuable helpers in Paleo Pines, you first need to befriend them. If you’re unsure about how to tame them, you can refer to our previous guide Here for detailed instructions on the taming process. Once you’ve successfully tamed a dinosaur, bring it back to your ranch. Then play the “This Is Your Home” note with a 3x blue sound. Follow these steps below to turn them into your helper from friend, so that you will be able to ride them and use their abilities.

Paleo Pines How To Turn Dinosaurs Into Helpers

  1. Play the “Follow Me” Note: After taming a dinosaur, you can play the “Follow Me” note to guide them back to your ranch safely.
  2. Create a Spacious Pen: It’s essential to provide a spacious enclosure for your dinosaurs to roam freely. Each pen should be large enough to accommodate one dinosaur comfortably.
  3. Dreamstones: A Vital Necessity: Dreamstones play a crucial role in a dinosaur’s well-being. Every dinosaur requires one Dreamstone within their pen. Even if you house multiple dinosaurs in the same enclosure, each one must have its own dreamstone. These pink-colored crystals are scattered throughout the Paleo Pines landscape.

With the foundational steps completed, your next objective is to elevate the happiness level of your dinosaurs to transform them from friends into helpers.

  1. Ways to Boost Happiness: There are several methods to increase a dinosaur’s happiness:
  • Favorite Food: The most effective way is to feed them their preferred type of food.
  • Play the Friend Call: When you have their attention, playing their friend call can also boost their happiness.
  • Return to Their Natural Habitat: Taking your dinosaurs back to their original habitat for a leisurely stroll can make them happier.
  1. Monitor the Heart Meter: To convert your dinosaurs into helpers, it’s essential to keep an eye on the heart meter. As their happiness increases, the heart meter will fill up.

However, it’s equally important to ensure your dinosaurs don’t become unhappy, as this can revert them to the friend status, preventing you from riding them or utilizing their abilities.

  1. Preventing Unhappiness: To maintain your dinosaurs’ happiness, consider these factors:
  • Food Supply: Regularly restock their food inside their pen to prevent hunger, which can lead to unhappiness.
  • Cleanliness: Remove any dirt or debris from inside the pen, ensuring it stays clean and hygienic.
  • Individual Dreamstones: Make sure that each dinosaur has its own dreamstone to avoid unhappiness due to its absence.

By following these steps and ensuring your dinosaurs’ happiness, you can successfully transform them into invaluable helpers in your adventure through Paleo Pines.

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