Paleo Pines Study A Sleeping Dinosaur For Owynn & Use Saddle

Paleo Pines

In Paleo Pines, there are various different types of quests you will receive from the townsfolk as well as from the quest board. One of the NPCs you will encounter in your early game will be Owynn who is a dino researcher. Occasionally he will ask you to research a particular species of dinos for him. One of the quests you might have trouble completing will be studying a sleeping dinosaur. Below you will find how to make a dinosaur sleepy and research it to complete the quest.

Paleo Pines How to Study a Sleeping Dinosaur for Owynn

To embark on the quest of studying a dinosaur for Ownynn, you must first ensure that the dinosaur is asleep. You have two options to achieve this:

  1. Utilize the Soothing Option: To put a dinosaur to sleep, utilize the soothing option available in the game. When applied, this will quickly lull the dinosaur into slumber.
  2. Nighttime Discovery: Alternatively, you can venture out during the nighttime and search for a dinosaur that is already asleep. This approach might lead to some exciting discoveries.

Outside your ranch, a Styracosaurus is a prime candidate for your study. To gain its attention, use your flute to play the Yoo Hoo note. Once you have the dinosaur’s attention, you can proceed to the next step.

Play the friend call note to access the soothing option. Soothing the dinosaur will make it feel drowsy, causing it to fall asleep swiftly. Once the dinosaur is in a deep slumber, approach it with your journal in hand. You will then receive an option to record the information required for Owynn’s research.

Paleo Pines How to Use a Saddle

Riding a dinosaur in Paleo Pines adds an exciting dimension to your adventures, but it requires a specific process to make it happen. Here’s a concise guide on how to use a saddle:

  1. Tame and Befriend a Dinosaur: Before you can ride a dinosaur, you must first tame one and convert it into a helpful companion. For detailed instructions on this process, refer to our previous guide on taming a dinosaur and transforming it into a helper.
  2. Accessing the Saddle: Once you’ve successfully befriended a dinosaur and turned it into your helper, you’ll gain the ability to place a saddle on its back. An initial saddle will become available at your ranch after befriending your first dinosaur. Keep in mind that these saddles are one-time consumable items.
  3. Obtaining Additional Saddles: If you require more saddles, you can purchase them from Corlan, located in Pebble Plaza. Each saddle is priced at 250 shells. Occasionally, you may also receive a saddle as a reward for completing quests from the quest board.

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