Paleo Pines- Location Of Marlo’s Lost Chisel

Paleo PinesPaleo Pines is a chill farming simulator where you can interact with the dinosaurs in all the different areas and befriend them. Fixing your ranch along with your trusty companion is satisfying for all ages. Once you make your way to the Dapplewood, there are whole new quests and secrets that need to be unraveled. In this guide, we have explained how and where can you find Marlo’s chisel as your quest “For Shizzle, My Chisel” demands.

Location Of Marlo’s Lost Chisel At Paleo Pines

For Shizzle, My Chisel quest is simple and straightforward which requires your undivided attention to find Mario’s chisel that he has lost. To get Mario’s chisel, you will need to travel not far from his house in Dapplewood. As shown in the image, you will need to walk on the long stretch of road that connects Agami’s House and Marlo’s House.

Paleo PinesReach the marked location where you can notice that there would be a carved crescent moon by the side of the road. On the moonstone, you will find Marlo’s lost chisel which you are finding. Take it and progress through the quest.

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