Paleo Pines- Location Of All Dreamstone In All Map

Paleo PinesIn Paleo Pines, we encounter different species of friendly dinosaurs in the world which can be tamed. Players need Dreamstone for each dinosaur they want to keep in their ranch. However, the number of Dreamstones you can find is limited as they do not spawn when they are collected. Therefore it is one of the important resources that all the players want to find early on and build their ideal ranch full of unique pet dinosaurs.

Location Of All Dreamstone In Paleo Pines

There are a total of 3 major areas that you will have access to explore and each area has a certain number of Dreamstones available which we shown below:

Veridian Valley

Paleo PinesThis is the first location from where you start the game. As shown in the map above, the marked locations show where you can find the Dreamstones. The Dreamstones are of two sizes i.e. Small and Large. In Veridian Village, there are a total of 18 Dreamstones that we have marked among those all large and small Dreamstones are listed altogether.

Dapplewood Forest

Paleo PinesThis is the second location which you will unlock after clearing the boulders. As shown in the map above, the marked location shows where you can find the Dreamstones. In Dapplewood Forest, there are a total of 7 Dreamstones that we have found and more areas need to be searched.

Ariacotta Canyon

Paleo Pines

The final location when you have a chance to explore the area, go to this location to find the respective Dreamstones i.e. marked in the map above. There are a total of 5 Dreamstones we have found currently. There may be more Dreamstones that you can find as there are still places i.e. not yet completely explored during the time of writing this guide.

Keep on checking the post as we will soon update the location when we find it. For more informative guides on Paleo Pines, click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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