Paleo Pines How To Get Flute & All Flute Notes

Paleo Pines

In the enchanting world of Paleo Pines, the flute emerges as a versatile tool, primarily used for grabbing the attention of dinosaurs, taming them, and issuing commands. To become proficient in utilizing the flute’s capabilities, you can refer to our comprehensive guide on playing the friend call on your flute. This article will delve into the various notes you can play on your flute, each signifying a distinct command, enabling you to communicate effectively with your dinosaur companions.

Paleo Pines How To Get Flute & All Flute Notes

Your journey with the flute begins automatically on the third day of your adventure in Paleo Pines. After waking up, you will encounter your friendly dinosaur companion, Lucky, who has stumbled upon your long-lost flute. Subsequently, a brief tutorial will acquaint you with the flute’s functions. Please note that reaching the third day may require approximately 30-45 minutes of gameplay, during which you will undertake diverse quests to familiarize yourself with the game.

The List of Flute Notes:

The flute offers a repertoire of four distinct notes, each represented by a unique color. By playing these notes in specific sequences, you can communicate your desires to your dinosaur friend. Here is a breakdown of the available flute notes:

  1. Yoo Hoo (Red Note x3): This note is your go-to choice for capturing a dinosaur’s attention. Play the red note three times in succession to employ this command.
  2. See You Later (Purple Note x3): Use this note to allow your dinosaur friend to return to their previous activities. Activate it by playing the purple note three times consecutively.
  3. Follow Me (Yellow Note x3): If you wish your dinosaur companion to accompany your character, employ the “Follow Me” note. Trigger it by playing the yellow note three times in a row.
  4. Wait There (Blue Note x3): This note instructs your dinosaur to stay in a designated location. When inside the pen, the command transforms into “This is your home.” Play the blue note three times consecutively to convey this command.

Additionally, should you wish to release your dinosaur companion back into the wild, you can use the “Move To The Wilds” note. To execute this command, press and hold the notes button for a medium-sized bubble for the sound note with 1 single circle, then follow the sequence: Purple, Red, Purple, Red, Blue, Red.

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