Paleo Pines- How To Change Biomes

Paleo PinesIn Paleo Pines, players can befriend the dinosaurs and keep them in their respective pens. Each dinosaur originates from specific biomes and to make them feel at home, you can modify or change the biome of your pens to their respective types. So, if you want to learn what are the types of biomes and how to change the biome in your pens?

Types Of Biomes?

There are a total of 3 types of Biome in Paleo Pines if you exclude the “Ranch” which is a default biome. Initially the first biome i.e. Valley will be unlocked to explore which is also widely known as Veridian Valley.

The second Biome that needs to be unlocked is the Forest biome. The Forest biome that resembles Dapplewood Forest will be locked initially. To unlock the next region, you will need to clear the boulder of rocks i.e. blocking the path with a dinosaur that has “Smasher” skill.

The third and final biome is called the Desert biome. The desert biome resembles Ariacotta Canyon. After restoring the Ruined Gateway and meeting Zara, you will unlock the final region.

How To Change Biomes In Paleo Pines?

First and foremost, you will need an enclosed boundary, or else other parts of the pens will be affected by the biome change. After selecting the pen and deciding which dinosaur should live in that pen (check your journal where the biome preference will be listed).

To change the biome, you will need to install decorative items in the respective pens. The decorative items can be bought from the NPCs. To convert your pen into a Valley biome, you will need these plants:

  • Pampas Grass
  • Poinsettia Bush
  • Young Heather Bush
  • Mature Heather Bush

To convert your pen into a Forest biome, then you will require Foxglove.

To convert your pen into a Desert biome, you will require these mentioned plants:

  • Ball Cactus
  • Black Bush
  • Buckhorn Cholla
  • Yucca Flower
  • Small Saguaro
  • Large Saguaro
  • Creosote

Another way to change the biome of your pen is to upgrade the Sleeping Patch. Once you have placed the Dreamstone, select the biome type of each and complete the requirements in order to upgrade the small sleeping patch or large sleeping patch into its upgraded version.

For the Small Sleeping Patch, you can upgrade it to:

  • Small Valley Sleeping Patch
  • Small Forest Sleeping Patch
  • Small Desert Sleeping Patch

For the Large Sleeping Patch, you can upgrade it to:

  • Large Valley Sleeping Patch
  • Large Forest Sleeping Patch
  • Large Desert Sleeping Patch

For more informative guides on Paleo Pines, click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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