Paleo Pines All 3 Owynn Journal Pages Location

Paleo Pines

In Paleo Pines, you will come across a quest to find 3 missing journal pages for Owynn. Mari and Owynn will be in a disagreement on how to proceed with the research. As a Coelophysis tears up a few pages from Owynn’s journal. While Mari wants to study the Coelophysis, Owynn wants to find the missing pages of the journal to complete his unfinished masterpiece. You need to help both of them to complete the quest. Below you will find all 3 journal pages’ locations and how to complete Mari’s “Runaway Raptor” quest.

Paleo Pines Find All 3 Journal Pages Location Owynn Unfinished Masterpiece

To find the missing pages, you need to visit the bridge on the north of the map. Once you cross the bridge on the right side bush you will find the first journal page. To find the second journal, cross the bridge, turn right towards the bush, and keep going straight till you find two rocks with small bushes. Near the rock, you will find the second journal.

To find the third journal, you will have to talk to Mari. After interacting with her you will get to know that to obtain the third journal page, you will have to complete her quest first. The quest will be called “Runaway Raptor” in which you have to find a Coelophysis dino and befriend it.

Make sure you talk to Mari first before befriending a Coelophysis as the quest will not be completed without it and you won’t find the third page of the journal. The coelophysis favorite flavor will be juicy. There are 5 different types of food available which are:

  • Crunchy
  • Spicy
  • Fragrant
  • Juicy
  • Earthy

You also need to feed the Coelophysis juicy Poppins at the end to gain its trust and befriend him. Once befriended you will be able to use the flute note to make it follow your character. Take it back to Mari to complete the quest and obtain the final journal page. Return the pages to Owynn to complete the quest.

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