Moonstone Island Tame Spirits & Flax Flowers Guide

Moonstone Island

In Moonstone Island, spirits are great companions in your journey. You will be able to tame various types of spirits and explore a plethora of islands together. To tame these spirits you will need Flax flowers and seeds. Apart from that you will also need a spirit barn and stall. Below you will find all about Flax flowers and flax seeds, and how to use these to tame the spirits.

Moonstone Island Where To Find Flax Flowers & Seeds

Flax flowers are the favorite food of the spirits and it is used to tame wild spirits. Flax flowers can be found on Earth Island, Moonstone Island, and a few other islands as well. These are the small blue colored flower that you need to keep in your inventory, in case you find a spirit that you want to tame. These flowers are grown mostly in the spring season.

You can also visit a general store to buy the Flax seeds for 10 gold and use your farming skills to grow them into Flax flowers. The Flax seeds can be grown in the spring season and will take 6 ingame days to grow and you need to water them every day.

Moonstone IslandĀ  How To Tame Spirits

You can find different spirits in caves, dungeons, and while exploring islands. During the battle on the bottom left side of the screen, you can find an option to feed. You can reduce the HP of a spirit to 20-30% and then keep feeding them Flax flowers to increase the tame meter. But it also works without dealing any damage to the spirit. After feeding a Flax flower the tame meter will increase and if the taming is successful the blue heart will turn green. If it’s not successful you need to feed it another Flax Flower.

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