CS 2 Damage Dealt Indicator, Difference In Premier & Competitive

CS 2

In CS 2 damage done to your opponent in a battle can be crucial information that could be passed on to your teammates. But Valve decided to change the feature where you could see the damage done and received once you die in a battle. They have also added a new competitive mode called Premier. Below you will find all about the new damage indicator, and the difference between premier and competitive mode.

CS 2 Damage Done Indicator Location

Unlike its previous version, CS 2 does not immediately display the damage done to your opponent when you kill them or when you are dead. Instead, you will find this information at the end of the round. Once the round ends, at the top of the screen below the player icons, you can find a number in a green box, and below that, there will be a number in a grey box. The skull sign below the profile icon means the number of kills they have done that round.

The green box will show you a number, which will be the damage dealt indicator, and below that, the number in the grey box will be the damage received indicator. In addition to this, it will also show you the number of bullets fired to deal that much damage to the opponent. The developers have made these changes so that you won’t be able to provide exact health information to your teammates, which will put the opponent in a disadvantageous situation.

Difference Between Premier & Competitive Explained

The developers have introduced a new advanced competitive mode called “Premier.” In both modes, teams must race to win 13 rounds. In the event of a tie, the first team to win 16 rounds will secure victory. This competitive mode bears similarities to CSGO’s competitive mode, but in CS2, players will receive a separate rank for each map.

In Premier mode, instead of a badge or medal rank, players will earn ELO points referred to as CS rating. A numerical rating will be assigned based on individual performance, with each victory increasing the rating. Players can check their rating and compare it to others worldwide. You can also check your rank and %Rank in the premier menu after winning 10 games. The %rank tells you that you are in the top %rank of players around the world.

In Premier mode, out of a pool of 7 maps, 6 maps will be banned, leaving one remaining map to be played. The first team to choose will ban 2 maps, followed by the other team banning 3 maps, and finally, the first team will ban 1 map from the remaining 2. The last remaining map will be played, and the other team will decide which side to choose.

You can also check the graph that will show which maps your opponent is good at, similarly your opponent can also check the graph to see which maps your team has played the most and are good at. In competitive mode, you need to select a single map to search, or out of 9 maps a single map will be chosen for both the teams to play.

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