Pizza Possum- All Zeppole Locations For Zeppolicious Achievement

Pizza PossumPizza Possum is a single-player and co-op adventure game developed by Cosy Computer. In this game, you play as a rat whose aim is to eat/steal all the food and make your way to the throne. Beware of the constable dogs who will chase you when they notice you. The goal is to eat all the food and earn points in order to get a golden key to unlock the gate and access new areas.

For all the casual players it is an exciting and chill game whereas a nightmare for the achievement hunters. To get 100% Trophy achievement, you will need to complete Zeppolicious Achievement i.e. to find all the Zeppole in the island. Though most of the Zeppole can be found in the open or have a clear view, however there is a Zeppole i.e. hidden and easy to miss. If you are looking for the final Zeppole then your search ends here.

All Zeppole Locations to Get Zeppolicious Achievement For Pizza Possum

As mentioned earlier, most of the Zeppoles can be found in the open and it is not hard to collect. However, there would be a Zeppole hidden behind the waterfall which is easy to miss as the light reflects the water more prominently. As shown in the image, when you climb the stairs and pass the waterfall there would be a small room to enter where Zeppole is hidden.

Pizza PossumYou do not need to collect all the Zeppole in a single playthrough so there’s no rush. If you proceed at a normal pace, and explore all the paths and areas, you will be able to collect 19 Zeppole ultimately except the one which we have mentioned in this guide. There are a total of 20 Zeppole that you need to collect in order to unlock the achievement of Zeppolicious at Pizza Possum.

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