Moonstone Island Where To Fish & Get Fishing Rod

Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island is a simulation game where you embark on a thrilling adventure to collect a wide variety of creatures across more than 100 islands. In addition to creature collection, the game offers a plethora of other engaging activities scattered throughout these diverse islands. One such activity, perfect for those seeking relaxation, is the art of fishing. But before you can cast your line and start reeling in your aquatic treasures, you’ll need to obtain a fishing rod. Below, we’ll guide you on where to go fishing and where to find this essential tool.

Moonstone Island Fishing Rod Location

The fishing rod can be found at the starting island near the dock area. To locate it, you’ll need to find Tobin’s shop, distinguished by a large golden fish statue on top of it. This shop is situated in the southeastern part of the island. The cost of the fishing rod will be 200 gold.¬†Once you obtain a fishing rod from Tobin’s shop, you’ll be fully equipped and ready to start fishing.

Moonstone Island Where & How To Fish

To begin fishing, the first step is to equip your fishing rod and then head to any pond or ocean. Once there, cast your line into the water and patiently await an exclamation mark to appear above your character’s head. Following this cue, a mini-game will commence, requiring you to position the circular marker on the moving fish for a few seconds. Maintaining the circle marker on the fish will steadily fill a meter, and when it reaches full capacity, you will successfully catch the fish.

Additionally, you’ll come across two distinct types of hooks available for purchase at Tobin’s shop. These hooks consist of the big hook and the swift hook. The big hook will enlarge your marker, while the swift hook will increase the marker’s speed. Keep in mind that these hooks are single-use items, necessitating their replenishment each time you employ them in your fishing endeavors.

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