Moonstone Island- List Of All Spirits And How To Get Them

Moonstone IslandOn Moonstone Island, you will encounter spirits on different islands as it is generated randomly. You will naturally tame them and use them to battle against the boss as these are your companions. Knowing their types and how many spirits are available will never do any harm. Therefore in this guide, we have compiled a list of all the spirits that you will encounter including the bosses.

List Of All Spirits And How To Get Them In Moonstone Island

There are a number of spirits that you can find on the islands, however, they can be categorized into their types. There are a total of 8 different types namely Earth, Water, Fire, Poison, Electric, Dark, Psychic, and Ice. The biomes are generated in a random manner but one thing is clear that specific types of Spirits will be found in their respective biomes. However, few require specific conditions and islands to be found.

All the spirits with respect to their types are listed below in chronological order:

Earth Type

  1. Ankylo                          [Starter & Earth eggs]
  2. Brickhouse
  3. Coolslime
  4. Dusty
  5. Fluffox
  6. Gemlin                         [Earth Island Mines & Earth eggs]
  7. Hopstraw
  8. Longlog                       [Spring Temple after completion & Earth eggs]
  9. Mumbleweed
  10. Oaken
  11. Pappus
  12. Punchypot                   [Earth Island Mines & Earth eggs]
  13. Wildwood

Fire Type

  1. Carkey
  2. Flamane
  3. Flambit
  4. Lucerna                         [Fire Island Mines & Fire eggs]
  5. Prikli                              [Fire eggs]
  6. Sheemp
  7. Sinjin

Electric Type

  1. Armbot
  2. Bulbot                           [Electric Island Mines & Electric eggs]
  3. Burgloon
  4. Capacibee
  5. Cumulo
  6. Sparking
  7. Sparky                          [Winter Temple after completion & Electric eggs]

Poison Type

  1. Birdrain
  2. Emoshroom
  3. Marsha
  4. Radlad
  5. Ribbite
  6. Snapdragon
  7. Snaplant                      [Fall Temple after completion & Poison eggs]
  8. Taddle
  9. Trunkle

Water Type

  1. Beaubeau
  2. Claudio
  3. Dropple                         [Summer Temple after completion & Water eggs]
  4. Fishbo
  5. Flote
  6. Octopup
  7. Sandcrashle
  8. Snorcko
  9. Starsee
  10. Tidan
  11. Torble                             [Water Island Mines & Water eggs]

Ice Type

  1. Bandicle
  2. Bonguin
  3. Sorbaton

Dark Type

  1. Arkeya
  2. Darkoffee
  3. Evileye
  4. Karyote
  5. Missingno
  6. Puppox                           [Rift needs to be sealed & Dark eggs]
  7. Wolfbane

Psychic Type

  1. Beardini
  2. Lookachoo
  3. Loonylid
  4. Magicat
  5. Minoot                            [Psychic eggs]
  6. Mystislime
  7. Posho
  8. Rablit                               
  9. Taro

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