Moonstone Island How To Obtain, Craft Ingots & Find Moonstone

Moonstone Island

In Moonstone Island ores and ingots are valuable resources to craft various items. To obtain the ingots you will need a furnace. The furnace blueprint can be obtained by completing a quest called “Furnace for a Friend”. In this quest, you need to obtain 10x copper ore and give it to Ferra. Once completed she will give you the blueprint of the furnace that you can craft and place it inside your home. The furnace can be used to turn ores into ingots that are used in crafting various other items. To craft a furnace you will need 10x wood and 10x stone.

How To Get Ores & Moonstone

The best way to get ores in this game is to find underground caves that can be accessed through a ladder. Inside the cave, you will find chests with various items and a lot of mineral deposit rocks. You can smash these rocks by using your hammer to obtain stone, coal, iron, and copper ores.

Moonstones can be found in cave chests, dungeon chests, and while exploring various islands. There is a skill called Moonstone-minded and Moonstonemancer that increases your chances of getting moonstone from normal chests.

Moonstone Island How To Craft Ingots

To craft ingots, you need to place the ores inside the furnace and place one coal to light up the fire in the furnace. The ingots you can craft from the furnace are:

  • Copper Ingot – You will need 3x copper ore to get 1x copper ingot in 2 hours. If you have the upgraded furnace, it will take you 1 hour.
  • Iron Ingot – You will need 3x iron ore to get 1x iron ingot in 3 hours. If you have the upgraded furnace, it will take you 1.5 hours.
  • Moonstone Ingot – You will need 3x moonstone to get 1x moonstone ingot in 5 hours. If you have the upgraded furnace, it will take you 2.5 hours.

Note: You can also get ash by placing 3x wood inside the furnace or by chopping down trees on the fire island.

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