Moonstone Island- How To Max Level Up Spirit

Moonstone IslandMoonstone Island is an open-world sandbox game where we collect creatures, brew potions, collect spirits, and make friends. Spirits are the creatures that need to be tamed and stored in the Pocket Dimension or at Spirit Barn. Spirits are used in battle so you will want them to be buffed and their stats to be maxed up. So, here’s what you need to do and remember.

How To Max Level Up Spirit At Moonstone Island

You can enter and check the status of your spirit by using your Medallion and entering the Pocket Dimension. The highest or maximum level you can upgrade Spirits would be Level 99. The easiest way to level up your spirit is to do Farming. Before that unlock the Psychic Island as all of the crops i.e. listed in this guide can be found on that island.

Each season there are different plants or crops that can be planted. Specifically in Fall, plant Willowisp and we are not talking about 10 or 20. The number of crops that are planted should easily exceed 1000 as you do not want forever to level up. A Willowisp gives +250 XP gain which we are aiming for so in a single day you can gain 250,000 XP if you have planted 1000 Willowisps.

In the winter season, you can only plant in the Greenhouse so the number of crops you can plant is limited. However, there is a Gift Plant seed that you can grow using Fertilizers. The Gift plant will give +1500XP which is a lot for a single crop and as you have limited space it will be a perfect choice. In the summer season, you can plant Eye Berry which gives +100 XP. It might be not high but it is one of the best options.

Practicing this method of growing and harvesting the crop will naturally max out your spirit level in no time. Though you will spend most of the time and energy farming in the Fall. For more informative guides on Moonstone Island, you can check the other posts i.e. listed here:

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