Moonstone Island How To Get Spirit Barn & Hatch Eggs

Moonstone Island

In Moonstone Island you can find eggs either by exploring or by winning battles that you encounter. Getting eggs through combat encounters will be random, so you might get other items too. There are 8 different egg types you will be able to find which are Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Psychic, Dark, Electric, and Poison.

Similarly, as per different egg types, you will also have 8 different types of spirits with different elemental powers. You need to bring these eggs back to your home and place them inside your spirit barn on a spirit nest. Below you will find all about how to hatch the eggs and craft a spirit barn, stall, and nest.

Moonstone Island How To Hatch Eggs & Unlock Spirit Barn

To hatch eggs, you will have to first craft a spirit barn. Spirit Barn can be crafted only after completing the “Furnace for a Friend” and “Spirit Research: Taming Spirits 101” quest. You need to complete these quests to obtain the blueprint for the Moonstone Enchanter, which will help you craft a spirit barn, broom, glider, spirit nest, and much more.

Once you have obtained the blueprint for Moonstone Enchanter, you will need 1x Moonstone Ingot, 3x copper ingot, and 3x iron ingot to craft it. After crafting place it in your home and interact with it to find the spirit barn. To craft the spirit barn you will need 100x wood, 100x stone, 3x iron ingot, and 1x moonstone ingot.

Place the spirit barn beside your home which will look like a big tree. Go inside the spirit barn and you need to place a spirit stall and spirit nest to place your eggs. Each egg will require a stall and a nest in order to hatch. Both of these items can be crafted using Moonstone Enchanter. To resources required to craft a spirit stall are 30x wood and 3x cloth. Resources required to craft a spirit nest will be 1x wood and 1x fiber.

Once everything is ready, install the stall and the nest inside the spirit barn, and then place the egg on the spirit nest. Then you need to wait for 2-3 days for the egg to hatch.

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