Disney Speedstorm- How To Get Tokens For Free

Disney SpeedstormDisney Speedstorm is a free-to-play combat-based race game in the Disney and Pixar universe. Once you keep on playing the single-player mode and unlock the new Chapters, you will unlock in-game cosmetics and increase the Collection Level. Gradually the Shop will start to feature more options to purchase. Most of the items require Tokens to unlock them, however, this game rewards players with free tokens in a free-to-play game which is simply the best deal anyone can get. Here’s what you need to do!

How To Get Tokens For Free At Disney Speedstorm

Token is the premium currency for the game which allows you to purchase anything in the game. First and foremost, obviously, you can get tokens by purchasing them from the Shop via microtransactions. Apart from that the easiest way to earn free Tokens is to play Single Player mode obviously to unlock as many characters as you can.

Next, each character has an MPR system which is a rank system. If you check on the rewards for it when you achieve certain Ranks, you will notice there are Tokens awarded too. For each character there are separate MPRs, so more Tokens you can get.

Additionally, if you increase your Collection Level and reach Level 13, then you will be rewarded 300 Tokens. After that, you will be rewarded 300 Tokens more after leveling up 5 times i.e. at Levels 18, 23, 28, and so on. The only way to grind Collection Level is to play and unlock more stuff in-game. These are the current ways through which you can earn Tokens guaranteed.

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