Demonologist Suzie Story Good Or Evil Achievement Both Ending


In Demonologist to complete the Suzie story side quest, you need to purchase the penthouse worth $50,000. You can also complete this quest by playing co-op with someone else who already has a penthouse. But opening the penthouse door and using the voice commands during the quest can only be done by the penthouse owner. If you stick with them through all the steps you will also be able to complete the quest and unlock the achievement. At the end of the quest, you will have two endings depending on the choices you make. Below you will find a detailed walkthrough of Demonologist Suzie’s story quest and how to get both endings.

Demonologist Suzie Story Quest Walkthrough

To start the Suzie story quest in Demonologist, you need to first obtain a letter from the penthouse kitchen counter. After that visit the bathroom and on the blank wall beside the basket of towels, you need to say “Time”. Doing this will open a hidden room and inside the room, you will find another letter. Read the letter and go back to the kitchen to find another note that says you need to visit Bedlam.

Now you need to visit Bedlam, take the stairs, and on the left side you will find the bathroom. Enter the bathroom and visit the last stall. There you need to use a voice command to say “Mirror” to open a hidden room. If your voice command is not working, you can also type the word by pressing the “P” button. Enter the hidden room and grab the key on the table.

After getting the key go back to the penthouse into Suzie’s hidden room in the bathroom and you will find a new note. Then go to Bedlam and behind your tent there will be a shed and inside the shed, you will find a knife. Then head inside the main building and find the canteen room, there will be a board outside with “Canteen” written on it. The door of the canteen will be shut with a rope that you need to cut with a knife. Visit the office area of the canteen, then go back to the penthouse Suzie’s room to find another note.

Return back to Bedlam, go to the office area of the canteen, and use voice command on the wall with a riddle to say “Death” which will open a hidden room. Inside the room, you will find two notes that you need to read. Now head back to Suzie’s secret room in your penthouse to find another note.

After reading the note in your penthouse you need to visit Dr Thompson’s office. Go to Bedlam and enter from the back door. There you will find a cell-like gate, open it, and on the right side you will find Dr. Thompson’s office. There will be a nameplate on the door if you struggle to find it. On the main desk, you will find keys that you need to pick up.

Now head to the basement area to find Suzie’s captive room. It is the third room in the basement that you need to go inside and use the voice command to say “Cloud”. Once said, a passage will open and you will find a big chest with a lock. You need to open the lock by solving the riddle on the left side of the wall. The combination to the lock is Moon, Sun, Moon, Moon, Sun.

Inside the chest, you will find a key, pick it up, and head back to penthouse Suzie’s room to find another note. Now head back to Bedlam and enter the shed. There you need to open the basement door and go through the stairs to find a book on the table. Now you have got two choices, either to put the book on the statue to hide it in another dimension or take the book back to the penthouse, to give it to Suzie. By completing the quest you will also unlock the Good or Evil achievement.

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