My Hero Ultra Rumble Tips And Trick To Win More Matches

My Hero Ultra RumbleMy Hero Ultra Rumble is a free-to-play battle royale game where 24 players lock in their characters to challenge and battle against each other to get a Game Set. Though the game is not difficult but you will encounter players who are good pretty often. What do they know and do that make them apart from you. These are the Tips and Tricks that you need to be aware of in order to improve and excel in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Tips And Tricks To Let You Win Matches Easily In My Hero Ultra Rumble

Manage your Inventory and share Ability Cards with your team. With said that, you do not want to fill up your Inventory because during battle you don’t want to categorize which items need to be swapped. Always keep a space in an Inventory as you have limited slots in the bag.

Card Ability

Speaking of Ability Card, there are a total of 5 Classes in the game. They can be upgraded to their maximum Level i.e. 9. The Ability cards are upgraded the same way as you upgrade the normal abilities i.e. picking up the same class cards. The Classes are:

  • Assault: Defense Up by 20%
  • Support: Restores HP of allies in the healing area.
  • Strike: Attack Power Up by 10%
  • Rapid: Movement Speed Up by 10%
  • Tactical: Reload Speed Up by 50%
Fighting Style

Avoid close combat melee style battle and keep considerable distance between you and your opponents. Take advantage of the terrain and surroundings to avoid ranged attacks from the enemies. If you are at bad position then leave the area and if you get lucky the opponents might chase you into the bad spot where you can simply destroy them. Remember to keep poking the enemies with your ranged attacks.

Save Or Threaten Civilians

For the Hero, they have to save Civilians and for the Vilians, they threaten Civilians. Civilians in the game provide you with Health, Armor, a Team Enhancement Kit, and Revive Card which is what we are aiming for. It is not hard to spot one, simply destroy the buildings. If they reside in, they will come out and you can stock up on Revive Card and heals. Sometimes they hide in the bushes, so make sure you are checking everywhere.

Plus Ultra

Players often pop their Plus Ultra when they see that it’s available and while chasing their opponent. Though it recharges your shield and enhances your abilities, but it doesn’t make you invincible. You can still be kited and thrown off, so it gives you the option to get out of the pinch by either choosing to fight or flight. Remember, you can live to fight another time.

Third Partying

Similar to all battle royale genres, third partying is a common practice to secure multiple kills or a kill when the other two parties are engaged in battle. Keep your distance or hide when you see the other party fighting and jump into action when the players are weak or few of them are downed.

This ensures that you can get enough loot to increase your team’s survival rate. Due to this, you will often find players hiding at the top of the building or any high places. Make sure that while you fight, do not give it your all and commit to the enemy. Instead, poke and keep enough distance to not lose your target as well as check your surroundings.


It is earned after countless plays as you battle against various players. Each character has specific loadouts so at the beginning it might surprise you but next time you will be aware of the abilities and movement. So, as you keep on playing and implementing the strategies into your playstyle, you will improve at a certain pace. Watch when you are dead to see how others in the lobby play to learn more.

For more informative guides on My Hero Ultra Rumble, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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