My Hero Ultra Rumble- How To Unlock All Character Fast

My Hero Ultra RumbleMy Hero Ultra Rumble is a battle royal free-to-play game where 24 players share the same goal to be the last man standing. The number of characters you would be allowed to play at the beginning will be quite limited. Most of the characters will be locked and to unlock a character you would be required to reach a certain Level or Rank. However, not all characters will be unlocked in the same method. Few new characters are unlocked via different systems as we have explained in this guide.

How To Unlock All Character Fast At My Hero Ultra Rumble

There are a few characters that are locked behind gacha system known as Plus Ultra Roll. In the Gacha roll, the 3 new character i.e. Eijiro Kirishima, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Ibara Shiozaki has a very low drop rate. Other than that if you have accumulated 200 points then you can initiate an Exchange to get any character of your choice from the 3 or wait for your luck to shine. However, these are the only ways you can obtain these 3 new characters.

Character Ticket

3 characters i.e. Denki Kaminari, Tenya Iida, and Itsuka Kendo can be obtained via Character Ticket which is quite straightforward. Under Shop—–> Standard—–> Hero Souls, you will find the Character Ticket that can be purchased. In the Mail, you will have a Character Ticket i.e. claimable for free.

Finally, we have normal characters that are locked behind Pro License. Under License and Special Menu, you can check your progress. The characters that can be unlocked are:

  • #Level 2: Katsugi Bakugo
  • #Level 3: Shoto Todoroki
  • #Level 7: Tsuyu Asui
  • #Level 13: Mr. Compress
  • #Level 15: Himiko Toga
  • #Level 30: All Might

The fastest way to unlock all the characters and reach maximum rank is to purchase the Pro License Exp. Well, that’s not how the majority of the player base will be inclined to proceed. The alternative way to unlock all the characters is to purchase Exp via Hero Crystals without using microtransactions.

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