Fate Samurai Remnant Farm Coins, Skill Jewel & Steel Mallet

Fate Samurai Remnant

In Fate Samurai Remnant coins, skill jewels, and steel mallets are some of the resources required to buy items and upgrade your skills. While you get these items for completing the mission, the best way to farm these is by completing local trails. Completing a local trail for the first time will unlock an achievement called Hitting the Streets. The local trails are side quests of an area that grant you skill jewels and steel mallet. Each town has a certain number of local trails that you need to complete to obtain the following rewards.

  • 2,000 coins
  • Steel Mallet x2
  • Skill Jewel x1

Fate Samurai Remnant How To Farm Coins, Skill Jewel & Steel Mallet

There are various different types of local trails available in each town and these trails are:

  • Alert – In this trial, you need to defeat a number of enemies, once defeated you will obtain a skill jewel.
  • Deadly Foe – You need to defeat one strong enemy in each town to obtain Steel Mallet
  • Dog Lover – In each town, you will find some dogs that can be petted to complete a side quest and obtain skill jewel.
  • Cat Lover – Similar to dog lovers, you will find some cats while exploring each town. Pet these creatures to complete the local trail and obtain skill jewels.
  • Food Stall Hopping – You need to find a certain number of food stalls available in the town to complete this trail
  • Pilgrimage Old Shrine – Find a certain number of shrines located in the town to complete this trail.
  • Courtesans – Find and interact with a certain number of courtesans in the town.
  • Priceless – Find a certain number of hidden valuables scattered in the town to complete this trail.

Completing each trial will grant you a skill jewel fragment or Steel Mallet. Upon completing all the local trails in a town you will each coins, skill jewels, and Steel Mallet.

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