Disney Speedstorm Unlock All Characters Fast & Upgrade/Star Up

Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm is a Kart racing game developed by Gameloft and available to play on various platforms. The game is free to play offering a plethora of Disney characters. To be the fastest racer and defeat your opponents you need to keep your character leveled up and upgraded. Each character possesses a different set of power-ups that come in handy during racing. Below you will find out how to unlock all characters fast and upgrade them.

Disney Speedstorm How To Unlock All Characters Fast & Upgrade Them

In every season of this game, players receive the option to get a golden pass which comprises one free tier and one paid tier character, the latter requiring the purchase of the golden pass. Fortunately, obtaining the golden pass doesn’t necessitate real money spending, and it offers a plethora of valuable items.

The golden pass can be acquired using tokens earned through ranked mode, Collection Rewards, Starter Circuit rewards, and various other in-game events. It becomes available once players reach Chapter 1 after completing the starter circuit. Additionally, seasonal events provide an avenue to unlock characters for free, involving the completion of specific challenges to obtain character shards.

Players can also embark on the season tour to amass a variety of rewards and unlock new characters without any cost. There are two types of multiplayer modes: ranked and regulated multiplayer, each offering its own distinct set of rewards. In regulated multiplayer, players have the opportunity to earn character shards.

Unlocking characters necessitates the collection of their respective character shards. Universal boxes serve as a valuable means to accumulate shards for every character featured in the game and can be purchased using in-game coins. Coins are obtainable through the golden pass and regular gameplay. Additionally, there is a limited-event daily coin rush game mode that rewards players with 3,000 coins upon completing four objectives.

To enhance character attributes, players must obtain energy drinks to upgrade their character. As previously mentioned, there are multiple methods to acquire both shards and energy drinks. Moreover, for character advancement, the collection menu offers a convenient way to access character shards by selecting a character and clicking on the “Get Shards” option.

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