Underground Blossom All Achievements & Secret Achievement List

Underground Blossom

In Underground Blossom, there are a lot of secrets to uncover once you complete the game. There are 7 cubes that you need to find and solve a few puzzles to unlock all the achievements. There is a total of 21 achievements completing the game and 12 secret achievements you need to uncover post completing the game. Below you will find all the achievement lists and how to unlock them.

Underground Blossom All Achievements List

Crib Station
  • Are you proud of yourself – Click on the baby head multiple times.
  • Fast Metabolism – Click on the baby’s diaper multiple times until it poops.
  • Departing Crib Station – Complete the chapter.
Child Lane
  • A Place Of Relaxation – Solve the Holiday from small to big poster puzzle. You can solve the puzzle by clicking on the smaller items first. You need to click on glass, hat, kite, camel, plane, pyramid, and finally sun in this order.
  • Bothersome – In the photobooth click on “Photo service” multiple times.
  • Departing Child Lane – Complete the chapter
School Street
  • Can’t Sit With Them – You need to find your classmate’s name and arrange them correctly in the notebook. You can find the names of the classmates on the school gossip page. Above you can find the correct name in order.
  • Not cool Johnny – Click on Johnny multiple times, Johnny will be the one with a broken egg on its head standing with two other girls.
  • Departing School Street – Complete the chapter
Bird Bridge Station
  • Music To Die For – Keep playing the second note on the trumpet or random melodies.
  • Nice Acoustics – Obtain the ticket playing the melody you hear from the bird’s mouth.
  • Departing Bird Bridge Station – Complete the chapter
Sorrow Cross
  • Sweet Tooth – In the vending machine insert a coin and you can buy items worth 100 points. Get the 20, 35, and 45 items and solve the puzzle.
  • Creepy Vermin – Click on the head of the black body on the floor and you will find a bug crawling out.
  • Departing Sorrow Cross – Complete the chapter.
Soul Street
  • Nice Technique – Pull the paper clip attached to the nipple of the prisoner.
  • Time To Tell – Get the prisoner talking by electrocuting and splashing the bucket of water on him.
  • Departing Soul Street – Complete The Chapter
The Lake
  • The Future In The Past, The Past In The Future – Click on the black butterfly.
  • Blossom – Talk with two ladies beside the blossomed tree.
  • Departing The Lake – Complete the chapter.
  • One Shrimp, Please – Put all 7 cubes in the box. To find all the cubes, you can visit our previous post HERE.

  • Ascension – Put the cubes in the box as shown in the image above. Doing this will spawn a white square on the left side of the screen. You need to click on all the animal souls and interact with the door that appears.
  • Behind The Mask – Visit Soul Street where you will find a green box. Close it and enter the code “5372”, then open it again to find a mask. Visit Crib station to find the woman “Rose” and give her the mask.
  • He is Back – Visit Child Lane and use the phone to dial 74222. There a voice will tell you to take “25 to 9 metro”. Now you have to set the clock time at 8:35 and go to the Best Kept Memory Distribution Center. There you need to change the number to 66 to obtain a key and 23 to find the Vendome_Ba tape. Play the tape in the VCR to obtain, Your memories are safe with us achievement. In the locker, you need to enter 8357992442 in the keypad. Inside you need to interact with the black cube and turn the lamp on to unlock this achievement.

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