Underground Blossom All Cubes Location & How To Get Them

Underground Blossom

Underground Blossom is an indie adventure click puzzle game developed by Rusty Lake. Once you complete all 7 chapters and complete the game, you will have one more final task to obtain all 7 cubes to find the true ending. In the lake area, you will meet a person with a diving suit who will ask you to collect all the cubes. These cubes are hidden in 7 different stations and you need to do some tasks before obtaining all of them. Below you will find how to complete all the tasks to obtain all 7 cubes.

Underground Blossom All 7 Cubes Location

1st Cube Location

At the lake area, you will meet a guy with a diving suit who will ask you to collect 7 cubes, one at each station. Upon clicking on the guy, he will give you a coin and ask you to use items wisely. In this Sorrow cross area, you will find a snack machine, where you need to use a coin to obtain the nut bar. Now visit the school street and give the nut bar to the allergic kid to obtain a new sequence note. Then visit the Bird Bridge station and find the musician with a trumpet, play the same note on his trumpet to obtain the first cube.

2nd Cube Location

In the bird bridge station of the food and drinks area, you will find a hole. Use the bucket of water in the hole to obtain a fishing net. Now go to Soul Street and on the right side you can find a puddle of water and fish that jumps. Catch the fish with the fishing net and use the crowbar on the fish to obtain a key. Now use the key on the Crib station second ticket counter to obtain a cube.

3rd Cube Location

In the crib station, the room with the “The future will arrive poster”, you will find a hole on the floor. Fill the hole with a bucket of water to find a sequence. Now visit the School Street and use the sequence in the tickets machine to obtain the third cube.

4th Cube Location

Visit the bird bridge station and the room in which a person playing trumpet, you will find a crooked tile below the poster. Use the crowbar on that tile to obtain a bill. Use the bill on the food and drinks shop to obtain a donut. Now give the donut to the guy with a green jacket sitting next to the girl with a bird. Now visit the sorrow cross area and change the clock time to 12:00. Keep going through different rooms to find a mysterious lady beside the snack vending machine. Click on the mysterious lady to obtain the 4th cube.

5th Cube Location

Visit the Child Lane area to find a sculpture of Mr Owl. Paint the eyes of Mr Owl red to find a key no 9. Now visit Soul Street to use the key on locker no 9 to obtain the 5th cube.

6th Cube Location

In the Sorrow Cross area use the crowbar on the open cupboard on the right side person laying on the ground to reveal a code. Visit the Child Lane area and on the left side of Mr. Owl, you will find a ticket machine where you need to enter the code to find the 6th cube.

7th Cube Location

Go to the lake area to find a single small tree that could be zoomed in. Zoom into the tree and click on the ground on its left side. Dig the ground 3-4 times to find a cube.

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