Cyberpunk 2077- Take Chimera’s Core Or Not & How To Use It?

Cyberpunk 2077In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty there is a mission “Spider And The Fly” where you will ultimately battle against a boss Chimera who is annoying with its own arsenal of weapons. However, once Chimera’s health is critically low, you can jump on top of it to rip out its core and fit in explosive to blow it out. Now, you have an option where you can choose to take Active Chimera’s Core. Should you take it or leave it?

Should You Take Chimera’s Core In Cyberpunk 2077

There’s no downside in taking possession of the Chimera’s Core that you have just obtained after defeating the Chimera Boss. During the cutscene, we saw that V ripped out the Chimera’s core that should be lying near to the body.

How To Use It And What To Do?

We all are pretty experimenting with the builds and Chimera’s core definitely bring more option to our bag. Under the “Crafting” menu, you can view that currently one of the 4 Iconic Weapon Mods can be crafted. The Tier 5 Iconic Mods are Power Weapon Mod, Tech Weapon Mod, Smart Weapon Mod, Melee Weapon Mod.

Power Weapon Mod (Firecracker)

Shoots explosive rounds.

Tech Weapon Mod (Wallpuncher)

Allows you to charge the weapon to 200% capacity without increasing charge time. Additionally +100% Armor penetration and no penalty for penetrating cover.

Smart Weapon Mod (Hackatomy)

+5% chance to apply a quickhack effect. Effect type depends on the body part hit.

Melee Weapon Mod (Severance)

When an enemy is below 50% Health, each hit to their head or limbs has a 20% chance to dismember and instantly kill.

Install the Weapon Mod that you have crafted in any weapon that has a slot available. Even if you disassemble, sell, or drop the weapon; the Mod will be unequipped. For more informative guides on Cyberpunk 2077, click on the link that has been listed below:

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