Payday 3- Rock The Cradle Heist Crypto And Vault Walkthrough

Payday 3In Payday 3, each heist is a piece of masterpiece that has multiple approaches toward the objective. At the instance of writing this guide, players are still experimenting with different routes and completing the objectives in stealth mode at their record time. Rock The Cradle is one of the heists that might seem difficult at the beginning but once you get into it, after successful repetition and learning the map layouts will do you wonders.

The main objective is to steal the crypto wallet stealthily and escape the area. The secondary objective is to clear the vault i.e. found in the VIP area and steal all the artworks. In this guide, we have explained everything you need to know regarding the routes and objectives.

Rock The Cradle Heist Crypto And Vault Walkthrough For Payday 3

Enter The Neon Cradle

There are a total of two entries that we are aware of i.e. the main entrance and other is the side entrance i.e. located where the delivery truck is parked.

If you have selected the main entrance which is a Public Area then you will have no trouble sneaking in and blending with the crowds.

If you have selected the side entrance, then make your way through quickly before you are detected as it is a Secured Area. Run all the way straight without triggering the Security Camera. Once you reach the other end i.e. where you exit next to the two bouncers who hold the Blue Access Keycard for the VIP Area.

Access The VIP Area

There are two ways on how you can access the VIP Area. First is to Search Cassandra Rifkin’s Office situated on the floor above to steal the VIP Invitation. The second is to lure the bouncer away from the door and steal the access card away from their back.

VIP Access

Selecting the option and moving forward to reach Cassandra Rifkin’s Office will update your task to “Hack Rifkin’s Phone“. While initiating the Hack, if you are not spotted by the guards then you are good to go. Stay close to her to download the digital key.

Once the download is complete, go back to the Rifkin’s office and scan the QR code to unlock the Display Case. The display case holds the blank VIP Invitation card. Search for the Computer in the Private Area and place the blank invitation card to authenticate and forge VIP Access. Show it to the Bouncer and while getting into the VIP area, steal the blue access keycard.

Blue Access Keycard

However, if you want to steal the keycard from the bouncer then either hack the Radio of the second bouncer who keeps a constant eye on the bouncer who has the blue access keycard. It is simple to lure him as once the bouncer spots you, they will leave their post and escort you out as you trespassed Private Area. At that moment, you can steal the Blue Access Keycard.

After you steal the keycard from the bouncer before they go back to their post, use the Keycard to open the door and you are good to go. The quest will be updated to steal the Crypto Wallet from the IT room.

Another way is to mess with the Music by reconfiguring the speakers located on the floor above where the DJ booth is. After reconfiguring the speakers, Activate the interference to mess with the music. The bouncer would come up to check who would have a blue access keycard on his back. Steal it and approach the VIP Club entrance to use the keycard.

Steal The Crypto Wallet
Enter the IT-room

The only way to access the VIP CLUB is to get the blue access keycard or VIP Invitation. Once you descend the stairs, make sure you have unlocked the room on the right i.e. the electrical room. From there you can move ahead through the vent in the electrical room. Walk on top of the duct and drop down ahead on the corner to access the door located in the rightmost part of the club.

Once you enter the door, you will notice there are stairs leading you up. The first vent you come across, open it as it is one of the most important locations where the IT room or vault room can spawn. The first door on the right side beside the vent is the “Accounting Office” where you will find the Vault Key codes and the Red keycard. The computer in theĀ  Accounting Office is used to Reset the Biometric scanner after you have cut the power to the IT room.

Vault Codes And Fuse Box Number

Memorize the vault codes or share them in chat by typing, so that you can view them when it is needed. To enter the IT room, you will need a Red Keycard to access the room or find the vent opening. The vent opening is located next to the whiteboard where the fuse box number is located. Type it in your chat and move back to the electrical room to cut the power in IT-room.

Next, reset the biometric sensor and get back in via Vent which should be simple. Steal the Crypto Wallet and throw it over the crate or marked location. Now you can either escape or steal bags of cash from the vault for additional money. One of the three codes that you have found in the Accounting Office will be the code i.e. required to open the vault. Grab the pile of cash and secure it. There are artworks that are lootable in this heist.

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