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In certain Party Animals maps, you’ll encounter weapons descending from above to aid you in battle. To collect a weapon, approach it and press the punch button. To discard the weapon, press RT on the controller or F on the keyboard. It’s important to note that you cannot climb or throw your opponent while holding a weapon.

In Party Animals, there are a total of 14 weapons at your disposal. Among these, five are ranged weapons, eight are melee weapons, and one is powered up. Below, you will find a list of these weapons along with instructions on how to use them.

All Weapons List

  1. Baseball Bat (again) – This weapon features a vertical attack animation that deals heavy damage to the opponent in front of you. You can use it in quick succession by spamming the attack button in the right direction.
  2. Bomb – As soon as you pick up the bomb, the timer will start. You need to throw it at your opponents, which will deal heavy area damage and send your opponent launching.
  3. Boomerang – When thrown, this weapon travels forward and returns to you. Be sure to dodge it when it comes back, as it can cause self-damage and render you unconscious.
  4. Hammer – The hammer boasts a powerful full-swing attack, but it takes some time to recharge. You can’t spam the attack button to swing the hammer quickly, as it’s quite heavy. When used effectively, it can send opponents flying.
  5. Crossbow – The crossbow shoots small plungers that attach to your opponents. Hitting your opponent perfectly with 2 or 3 shots will knock them down and impede their movement.
  6. Ice Gun – This weapon shoots ice crystals that freeze your opponent for some seconds. During this time, you can just push them out of the map or into the environmental hazard area.
  7. Lollipop – This is the first item you use in the tutorial. The lollipop has a full-swing attack, quick recharge, and deals substantial damage.
  8. Nunchucks – These weapons have a random attack pattern, typically swinging from left to right. They can be used rapidly to attack multiple opponents. However, exercise caution, as swinging too quickly may result in getting hit by your own weapon.
  9. Pan – The pan is a two-handed weapon that does a full-swing attack and deals some damage to your opponents.
  10. Plunger – This weapon is primarily used to drag opponents into environmental hazard areas or out of the ring. You can attach the plunger to your opponent and drag them around for a limited time.
  11. Shovel – The shovel inflicts significant damage and sends your opponent flying a considerable distance when properly struck. It is a two-handed weapon, so make sure to hold it properly for effective attacks.
  12. Spinach – Pick up this item and use the attack button to consume its content and become stronger. Now all your stats are buffed up, and you can deal heavy damage with your punch and kick. You will also be able to run faster and jump higher.
  13. Taser – The Taser fires electric projectiles that can shock opponents upon contact for a few seconds. If multiple opponents come into contact with each other, they will all receive a shock. Be cautious, though, as shooting an opponent who is too close and in contact with you will also electrify you.
  14. Tennis Racket – The tennis racket also features a full-swing attack but recharges faster than the hammer. It can only render opponents unconscious and push them away, but not too far.

Party Animals Best Weapons

The choice of the best weapons depends on the map you are playing, and it’s worth noting that the weapons dropped are quite random. In our experience, the top choices for weapons are Hammers, the Ice Gun, and Nunchucks.

When you’re wielding a hammer, your opponents might think twice about getting too close to you, as they risk being sent flying around. However, it’s important to remain agile and dodge flying kicks and other ranged weapons.

The Ice Gun, on the other hand, is the ideal weapon for neutralizing an opponent and effortlessly pushing them out of the map, removing them from the equation.

Nunchucks are a versatile choice, allowing you to swiftly attack multiple enemies who may be ganging up on you. Additionally, when you strike an opponent with Nunchucks, it can send their weapon flying, further enhancing your advantage.

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