Lies Of P- Old Cryptic Vessel Location Walkthrough

Lies Of PIn Lies Of P, there are multiple Cryptic Vessels in the game that need to be deciphered and follow the orders after locating the place that resembles the photo. In this post, we have an Old Cryptic Vessel that will be obtained from an NPC straightforward which is actually hard to miss. However, in this guide, we have explained everything you need to do in order to find the location where the photo leads you to.

Old Cryptic Vessel Location Walkthrough For Lies Of P

Travel to Barren Swamp Bridge and talk to the Rookie Explorer Hugo. There would be an option to talk about the discovered treasure. Select that and he will give you an Old Cryptic Vessel that will need to be deciphered by Venigni. Check the photo or Old Cryptic Vessel Decryption which goes like this:

Orders: An old shack in the Tomb Slums in Malum District. Look for the bleak tree and laundry line and enter the shack next to them.

Fast Travel to the Stargazer present in the Path of the Pilgrim. Immediately take the elevator and move down. Once you are outside, there would be a Slum Resident nearby a Barrel i.e. ignited. Talk to the Slum Resident and he will give you a “Robber’s Shack Key“.

The Robber’s Shack Key can be used on the house i.e. located in front of where you talked to the Slum Resident as shown in the photo. Inside the shack, there will be a chest that contains A Life Amulet and a Legion Caliber.

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