Lies Of P- Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel Location Walkthrough

Lies Of PIn Lies Of P, there are numerous secrets and choices that will build the story and lead you to different outcomes. There are a total of 6 Cryptic Vessels that can be found in the game which requires a straightforward approach i.e. obtain the cryptic vessels, decipher it, and follow the orders. However, there is a different approach to getting Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel. We have mentioned everything you need to do in order to get and solve Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel in this guide.

Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel Location Walkthrough For Lies Of P

Alidoro will spawn ahead near the campfire when you have defeated the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss twice. Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel is missable so make sure you kill him in Chapter 5 at the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field. From the combat field, move forward through the tunnel and you will find him near the campfire once you are out. After interacting with Alidoro, there would be an option to Attack. After selecting the option to attack twice, swing your sword to kill him. Alidoro will not resist and fall down in the spot granting you Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel.

Go to Hotel Krat and visit Venigni to decipher Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel. Once you have obtained Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel Decryption, it will point you towards Eugenie. Visit and talk to her regarding Alidoro’s death. She will ask you a question where you can either tell a lie or the truth. In this part of the conversation, you will receive the “Far East Princess” record.

Rest at the Stargazer and interact with Eugenie again. If you have told her the truth, you will unlock Proposal Flower Wolf Part 1 record whereas if you have lied to her then Proposal Flower Wolf Part 2 record will be unlocked. Apart from the record, you will unlock the trophy “The Story of a Stranger Girl“.

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