Lies Of P- Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Solution Walkthrough

Lies Of P

Lies Of P is a souls-like game where the protagonist has to explore and advance forward by interacting and completing a specific set of tasks. However, there are a few quests or items that require additional attention and time to complete as it is not related to the main quest. Similarly, there are Cryptic Vessels which you will find in the specific chests that can be deciphered and solved to get nice rewards. Therefore, we have explained everything you need to do in order to decipher the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel and make your way to the marked location.

Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Solution Walkthrough For Lies Of P

Travel to Estella Opera House and advance forward at a normal pace. Once you reach a room where you will have to cross a pit by dodging the chandelier i.e. burning and swinging in periodic motion. Instead of crossing the pit, jump down where there will be a room that will take you to the top floor. In a room specifically, you will notice a ladder that will take you down a floor. In the same room, there will be a ladder that will take you up where the chest that contains the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel is kept.

Once you have the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel in your possession, make sure that you go back to Venigni in Hotel Krat to decipher it. Once you obtain the “Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Decryption“, read it that goes like this:

Orders: Check the ground at the end of the cliff of Krat Central Station Street, where there is a good view of the ocean and Krat's landmarks.

Lies Of PFast travel to Cerasani Alley instead of Krat Central Station Street because it is closest to the picturesque location. From there go downstairs straight to the run-down village until you reach the cliffside road. At the end of the road where there is a single barrel placed, move ahead towards the grass and rubbles as shown in the image and use the gesture “Check Ground“.

This will let you have “The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel” and a “Legion Caliber“. For more informative guides on Lies Of P, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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