Lies Of P- Elysion Boulevard 221b Crafted Cryptic Vessel Solution

Lies Of PLies Of P is a souls-like game where you are awakened by a mysterious voice in order to explore and unravel secrets that are hidden in almost any corner of the map. There are numerous Cryptic Vessels that you will find during your playthrough. In this guide, we have explained how to decipher Crafted Cryptic Veseel and what to do ahead.

Crafted Cryptic Vessel Solution For Lies Of P

At St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel when the area filled with decay is cleared, you will find a chest that contains a Crafted Cryptic Vessel. To decipher it, bring the crafted cryptic vessel to Venigni in Hotel Krat. Next, he will hand over the Crafted Cryptic Vessel Decryption.

Check the photograph or the decryption where you will find where to go next i.e. Alchemist Bridge on Elysion Boulevard. Fast travel to the stargazer i.e. Krat City Hall and make your way towards the bridge. On the bridge, the puppet will be found hanging as shown in your photo.

The puppet that has the sign “Purge Puppets” is targetable, so make sure you hit the hanged puppet with your long-range weapon or use any Throwing Objects. Once the hit connects, it will drop a postcard with an address written on it i.e. Elysion Boulevard 221b.

Where Is Elysion Boulevard 221b In Lies Of P

The Elysion Boulevard 221b is not far from where you just obtained the clue. Advance forward and look for the house i.e. accessible. Enter the house and take the lift up to access the Stargazer i.e. Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard. Move out to the balcony and the next door you find will be marked 221b. Enter the room and open the safe to obtain an Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel and Quartz.

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