Mortal Kombat 1- How To Level Up Your Fighter Quickly

Mortal Kombat 1In Mortal Kombat 1 each characters have their Mastery level. Mastery Level goes all the way up to Rank 35 or Level 35. Each rank has certain types of reward and players are grinding it meticulously. The Mastery Rank signifies how much time and experience you have accumulated for a particular character. So, there is a cheesy way to grind the maximum amount of XP for your fighter in a few seconds. Though the game is not intended or designed to farm XP like the method we have mentioned but as we are all struggling to level up our fighter to the max, it is a cool trick to grind.

How To Level Up Quickly At Mortal Kombat 1

You must first complete the Invasion Mode once at least. After that, you can revisit Invasion Mode and in the Fengjian Village, there is a platform or fight known as “Triple Threat“. Here you will have to defeat 3 enemies in succession. The catch is you will need to assign 100 stat points or whole stat points to attack.

Next, the thing you need to do is simply avoid attacks and one shot uppercut all 3 enemies with a goal of Flawless Victory. Try to end your match in Brutality to end quickly and gain more Fighter XP. If you are looking to reset your stats then visit Kollector at Wu Shi Academy and purchase an item to manually assign the stats.

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