Mortal Kombat 1- “DEDAERHT” Klue Invasion Mode Solution

Mortal Kombat 1In Mortal Kombat 1, the Invasion Mode is a single-player mode where we dive into the broken timelines to clear the path and move forward conquering each passage of the map. In order to unlock the path, it is a common practice to defeat the character who is obstructing the path. However, few paths can be unlocked after you have possession of certain key items or solve the Klues if given. This guide is compiled for those who have trouble solving the Invasion Mode that requires you to decipher the Klue:DEDAERHT“.

“DEDAERHT” Klue Invasion Mode Solution For Mortal Kombat 1

To solve the clue/Klue, you will need to lock onto “Ashrah” and get into the combat. Make sure you perform Ashrah’s second fatality “Threads Of Ill Fate” i.e. required. If the letters given in the Klue are read from right to left it says “THREADED“. You do not need to unlock the Fatality in order to execute it so sit back and perform your combos to deplete the enemies HP. To execute the second Fatality of Ashrah use the specific sequence of the inputs i.e. mentioned below:

  • Down, Down, Left, Circle (Mid)

After executing the Fatality, the path will be unlocked and you can earn the reward by opening the chest. If you need to learn more Fatality Inputs and solutions for the Klue given in Invasion Mode at Mortal Kombat 1, then we have guide for it as listed below:

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