Lies Of P Hotel Krat Or Venigni Works Alidoro Choices & Result

Lies Of P

In Lies Of P, you will encounter various NPCs with whom you will have dialogue options. In these interactions, you will consistently have two choices: one allowing you to tell the truth and the other enabling you to lie. This dynamic also applies when dealing with the Alidoro merchant, specifically when asked, “Do you know a safe place?” Here, you will be presented with two options: “Hotel Krat will be safe,” which is the truth, and the deceptive choice, “Venigni Works.” Below you will find the result of both the choices and which one you should choose.

Lies Of P Alidoro Choices Hotel Krat Or Venigni Works

Should you opt to be honest and inform Alidoro of the safe haven that is Hotel Krat, he will head there, granting you access to his merchant shop where you can acquire various weapons and amulets. However, if you choose to deceive Alidoro by suggesting Venigni Works, your next encounter with him will take place at the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer. In this scenario, Alidoro will not be pleased to discover your falsehood, prompting him to inquire once more, “Do you know any safe place?” In response, you can again choose between revealing the truth by recommending Hotel Krat or perpetuating the lie by suggesting Elysion Boulevard.

Choosing to tell the truth will guide Alidoro to Hotel Krat, where you can still access his merchant shop. Conversely, lying to him will also result in his arrival at Hotel Krat, rendering your initial choice inconsequential. However, if your goal is to achieve the “Always Truth Ending,” it is imperative that you tell the truth the first time you encounter Alidoro. On the other hand, if you aspire to attain the “Always Lie Ending,” you must lie to Alidoro in both instances. It is worth noting that deceiving him will not lead to severe consequences, but it will temporarily restrict your access to his shop until he arrives at Hotel Krat.

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