Lies Of P Find Murphy Toma Quest How To Complete

Lies Of P

In “Lies Of P,” players will come across numerous side quests during their adventures. One of these side quests involves an NPC by the name of Toma, who is in search of his friend, Murphy. To successfully undertake and complete this quest, you will require a crucial item known as the Faded Whistle. In the following sections, we will detail the whereabouts of Toma, the location of the Faded Whistle, and the steps necessary to accomplish this quest.

Lies Of P Find Murphy Toma Quest Guide

To embark on this quest, you’ll first need to locate the Stargazer within the confines of “Inside the house on Elysion Boulevard.” Once you’ve reached this point, head outside and make your way to the right. Here, you’ll discover a pathway leading to the roof, accessible by crossing a sturdy wooden plank.

Upon reaching the rooftop, you’ll encounter a collection of stacked crates along the right-hand edge. Just behind these crates, a ladder awaits, facilitating your descent to the streets below. As you descend on the opposite side, you’ll be greeted by the warm glow of a lit window.

Approach this window, and engage in interaction to reveal the voice of an individual known as “Toma.” Toma, it appears, is on a quest to locate his friend Murphy, who serves as a police officer. Unfortunately, the Petrification disease afflicts Toma, and he will kindly request that you keep your distance to avoid contracting the illness.

To successfully conclude Toma’s quest, your mission is to retrieve Murphy’s police officer whistle, which has faded over time. This elusive whistle can be found within the confines of the Krat City Hall Courtyard. After defeating the formidable boss known as the scrapped watchman, you’ll stumble upon a seat adorned with candles and a selection of toys and flowers.

Etched onto the ground nearby, you’ll discover the word “friends”. Investigate this area, and you will eventually uncover the coveted Faded Whistle. Once you’ve secured this precious item, return to Toma’s location. Stand before the window and access your inventory.

Locate the Faded Whistle within your inventory and use it. Toma, upon hearing the distinctive sound, will presume it to be Murphy, and with this act, you’ll bring Toma’s quest to a successful conclusion.

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