Lies Of P Find Butler Puppet Venigni Quest How To Complete

Lies Of P

In Chapter 3 of “Lies Of P,” you will encounter an NPC named Venigni in the works control room. Upon approaching Venigni, initially, he will be frightened and implore you not to harm him. However, once he learns that Geppetto is your friend, he will become calmer and request your assistance in locating his butler puppet, Pulcinella. After talking with Venigni you will obtain the fear gesture. Below you will find how to defeat the King’s Flame, Fuoco, and find the butler puppet Pulcinella.

Lies Of P Find Butler Puppet Venigni Quest

To locate the butler puppet, your first task is to find the main factory boss, King’s Flame, also known as Fuoco. To defeat this formidable boss, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with its attack patterns. Due to the boss’s size, it takes some time to recover after executing certain attacks. During these recovery periods, you can land a few hits.

In the first phase of the boss fight, King’s Flame primarily employs single-arm swings and occasionally unleashes unblockable attacks. These unblockable attacks can only be countered by executing a perfect guard.

Transitioning into the second phase of the boss battle, King’s Flame starts using area-of-effect (AoE) fire attacks and a flamethrower. These attacks must be dodged to avoid taking damage. However, maintaining excessive distance from the boss may prompt it to shoot ranged fire bullets, which can also inflict significant harm.

Upon successfully defeating the boss, you will discover a broken puppet located in front of the Stargazer. Investigate the broken puppet to unveil Pulcinella, the butler puppet. Afterward, return to the Venigni works control room to interact with Venigni and finalize the quest. In the event that you cannot locate Venigni in the works control room, head back to the Hotel Krat, where you will likely find him. Upon engaging in conversation with Venigni, you will successfully complete the quest.

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