Fae Farm Unlock Clothes, Outfits & Change Appearence

Fae Farm

In the enchanting world of Fae Farm, character customization is an art, that reflects your unique identity. This process isn’t just a simple menu toggle; it’s woven into the fabric of life on Azoria. While you’ll need Florins for a magical makeover, the journey to unlock this experience is an adventure in itself. Imagine a game that seamlessly blends your passion for farming with your love for combat and mining—that’s Fae Farm.

In this enchanting world, you’ll encounter a plethora of intricate systems and mechanics that may not be immediately apparent. But worry not, because we’ve crafted a starter guide for your outfit customization to help you embark on your adventure and hit the ground running in the magical realm of Fae Farm.

Fae Farm Unlock New Clothes

First, on the go, you can meet Millie at the city center and uncover her shop collection after a small chat. Millie is an NPC of the game who is most probably a cloth merchant. You can delve into the wonderful wearables of Millie. This will include different suits, headgear, and berets to wear. Spend some gold in exchange for a new look in Fae Farm to customize your appearance. You have access to your inventory where you can customize your outfit, even for color shades. Some of the outfits requires you to complete certain missions or discover new items that you haven’t discovered yet.

To transform your Fae Farm character’s appearance, your second quest is to craft a Customization Mirror and place it in your homestead. But the real magic lies in discovering the Customization Mirror recipe. If you happened to overlook it during your initial exploration or were distracted by the plethora of rug recipes, fear not. You can find the recipe by the campfire to the left of your first Fae Farm house. Interact with the scroll on the floor to unveil its secrets.

Now, let’s dive into the crafting process. Open the crafting menu by pressing Down on the D-pad, then navigate to the ‘Décor’ section using L or R. Voilà, and you’ll spot the Customization Mirror in the first slot. Here’s your shopping list:

  1. 1x Glass: Crafted with the enchanting fusion of Sand and Coal at a Stone Forge.
  2. 5x Oak Lumber: Harvested from the noble Oak trees or branches.

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