Pool Cleaning Simulator- Hotel Pool Part-1 Hidden Treasure

Pool Cleaning SimulatorPool Cleaning Simulator is a satisfying casual Powerwash cleaning game where you have to perform your best and clean the most astonishing pools filled with all types of things. After the first job, we know that it is more than just cleaning. You will have an opportunity to treasure hunting certain objects for each level and earn money for additional tasks. In this guide, we have explained what you need to do in the second chapter i.e. Hotel Pool-Part 1 in order to find the hidden treasure.

Hidden Treasure Location For Hotel Pool Part-1 At Pool Cleaning Simulator

Earning incentives by completing optional tasks is a good way to earn money. Money is required to buy new essential tools i.e. required for certain jobs. However, finding anything without any prior information or hint is difficult for anyone. On the bright side, the area where you have to search for the hidden treasure is not big.

Pool Cleaning SimulatorIn the pillars and walls, you will find a specific structure or button as shown in the image above. These are easy to ignore, especially when you don’t know what to look for. There are a total of 10 of these buttons in the vicinity i.e. required to be pressed or activated in order to unlock a secret passage to reveal the treasure chest. Once it’s unlocked, your Optional task will be automatically completed and you will earn 50$ for completing the additional task.

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