Fae Farm Pickaxe Magical Ability How To Use

Fae Farm officially made its debut on September 8, 2023, so dive in and let the adventure commence. Prepare to elevate your farming game with a touch of magic in Fae Farm, the ultimate RPG farm simulator game developed by Phoenix Labs!

Get prepared to embark on a magical journey as you construct your cozy home and embark on epic adventures on the enchanted island of Azoria. In Fae Farm, you’ll have the opportunity to craft, cultivate, and decorate your homestead to your heart’s content. But here’s the twist: You’re not just an ordinary farmer. You possess powerful spells at your disposal! Utilize your magical abilities to unveil hidden secrets.

Delve into the Saltwater Mines of Fae Farm to unlock the full potential of your Iron Pickaxe and use your pickaxe magical ability. To upgrade it, start by gathering Iron Ore within the mines, which serves as the foundation for your pickaxe enhancement. Transform Iron Ore into formidable Iron Ingots by smelting them with Coal in your trusty Smelter. Once you’ve accumulated these resources, head over to the Blacksmith’s shop beneath the main plaza in Fae Farm. Here, you can trade a portion of your Iron Ingots and Gold to swiftly upgrade your pickaxe into a powerful Iron Pickaxe.

Fae Farm Pickaxe Magical Ability How To Use

Now that you have your enhanced tool, it’s time to harness its magical capabilities:

  1. Ensure your Iron Pickaxe is equipped and venture into the Saltwater Mines.
  2. Stand in front of a cluster of rocks, ores, or gems you wish to mine.
  3. Activate the Ability: On your controller, press the Y button, or on your keyboard, press the F key. This will trigger the Iron Pickaxe’s magical ability.
  4. Witness the Magic: It will efficiently clear all rocks and gather any ores or gems within a 3×3 area in front of you.

However, it’s important to remember that this magical ability consumes mana. Initially, your base mana pool allows you to use the ability roughly three times. To maintain your magical mining spree, make a visit to Vera’s shop, situated to the right of the main plaza. Invest 50 Florin in a Small Potion of Mana to replenish your mana reserves and keep using the Pickaxe Magical Ability. Armed with your upgraded Iron Pickaxe, you’re now fully prepared to mine and explore the enchanting realm of Fae Farm!

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