Fae Farm- How To Grow A Pink Flower

Fae FarmAt Fae Farm, we need to grow pink color hybrid flowers which is required to complete a specific quest obtained from Rosalind. The question is how do we combine the flowers to create a new flora without any useful hint except that you will be able to produce it if you are patient. In this guide, we have mentioned what you need to perform in order to grow a pink hybrid flower.

How To Grow A Pink Flower In Fae Farm

Most importantly, you will need to build a Basic Soil Bed of 3×3 or 3×1 dimensions in order to grow a hybrid flower. With a combination of two different colors i.e. Red and White colored flowers, you can grow a pink flower. The process is not difficult, so you can follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  • Purchase a Red Rose seed and a White Zeenia seed.
  • In the flower bed, plant the red seed on the first end and the white seed on the other end.
  • The space in the middle of your flower bed should not be filled and remain empty.
  • Now, keep on watering the plants till they grow big and bloom.
  • Do not pluck or pick them instead wait as Rosalind hinted and watch the pink flower grow.

This is the beginning and following this method, you can grow multiple different colored flora in your soil bed that can be sold in the marketplace at the end of the day. For more informative guides on Fae Farm, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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